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Parents Completing the Registration form

As children under the age of 14 are unable to create their own user account, all parents & guardians should register with the parent role to connect their user account to their children currently playing for your club.

The Parent will then be able to control availability, receive communications from the club and also make payments on behalf of their children.

Important: The parent SHOULD NOT register as a player!

When completing the registration process as a parent, the registration form will be slightly different to those applying for other roles, such as Club Member and Player etc.

The first question a parent is asked when completing the registration form is to “Add your children to apply for the Parent role”.

In the box provided, the Parent should start typing the name of the first child they are applying to be a parent of.

This will then search your membership database and bring up a list of results that match the name you have typed into the box.

The parent will need to click on the name of their child from the list if it appears. If the child hasn’t been added to the database by an admin, the parent should click the “Click here if your child is not in the list” button.

The parent will then be able to type the name of the child and click the add button, this will then add a new member to your database when the registration form has been submitted (The request will need to be accepted by an admin).

When all playing children have been added to the registration form, the parent should click the Next Step button to be taken to the registration form questions.

The questions on the registration form are then split into sections, depending on the number of roles and number of children within the application.

The first questions, shown will be the fields that the webmaster has set to be completed by the Parent. This data is then stored against the parent record within your database.

The next section will contain questions the parent should complete on behalf of their child. This data is then stored against the child within the membership database.

Each child within the application will have a section with the same questions. These need to be completed by the parent for each specified child.

The remaining sections will contain questions for any other roles the parent has applied for, plus any fields that have been given to all roles (this section is called Club Questions).

When all questions on the form are complete, the Parent will click the Complete Application button to send the application to a webmaster for approval.

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