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Selby RUFC

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Selby RUFC

Based in the wonderful North Yorkshire countryside, Selby RUFC are a successful community rugby club consisting of senior, junior and mini teams.

Each year Selby collect payments from a membership database of over 1,200 members. With such a large membership list this task had become time consuming for all concerned.

The solution - Pitchero Payments

Pitchero Payments is a simple, cost effective method of collecting payments online. All records are stored in one secure database and their is no set up fees or hidden costs.

Plus - their is NO paperwork, the entire process from set up to member confirmation is completed online.

0 Introduction Pitchero Payments Simon Eastwood Selby RUFC from Pitchero on Vimeo.

What Selby did

  • The club created 2 payment options for each membership.
  • A) a monthly, recurring direct debit.

    B) a one-off, single payment.

  • Members were sent email prompts requesting they pay online via a secure website.
  • The club recorded each payment online through an easy to use reporting tools.


“The ease of set up and depth of reporting tools has made Pitchero Payments essential for our club, saving us time and effort each week.

By splitting up our membership into monthly installments it also made it easier for our players to manage the costs over the period of the season.

Using payments to collect membership fees has been so successful, we have decided to collect money for club tours and even our upcoming Sportsman's Dinner and Ball.

I would definitely recommend using payments to any club on Pitchero!”

Simon Eastwood, Club Webmaster.

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