Staff & Officials

Creating a new Club Official / Staff

Access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Site Content’ tab, then select ‘Staff & Officials’ from the left-hand menu.

Next, click the green ‘Add Staff/Official’ button on the right-hand side.

Add New

In the overlay page, use the search box to find the relevant member and click their name in the drop-down list.

If the member is not already listed, click the ‘Click here to add a new member’ link and enter their name in the fields provided.

Add Scope

Next, choose the scope of the role. This can either be set to the entire club, a team section, or an individual team.

Then, enter their official title and select the option from the drop-down list. If the title doesn’t exist in the list, click 'Use "........"' to create a custom title for this member.

Finally, click the green ‘Add’ button.

Add Scope

An overlay will now appear allowing you to add and edit all the information about the contact you have just created. For more information on editing profiles, please see below. Alternatively you can click ‘Save Profile’ and return to add more information later.

Contact Page

The official profile will now be displayed on the ‘Contact’ page of your club website.

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Editing a Club Official / Staff Editing a Club Official / Staff