Manage Availability & Team Selection (For Coaches & Team Admins)


In this guide, you will learn how to view player availability, request that players (or parents) update their availability, create a team selection, publish a selection and request player confirmation.

Introduction to Player Availability

To make the life of a coach or team manager easier, Pitchero has created a player availability tool.

The tool allows a player, or a parent on behalf of a player, to declare their availability for a date in the future. A team manager can then review the availability of each player before they make a final selection - saving both players and coaches time and effort.

The player (or parent) can update their availability via the Pitchero Member Account page or the Pitchero Mobile app.

Note - Fixtures must be in the system, before a player can declare their availability.

The availability of a player will only appear within the private members account (website and app) and the club control. It is not made available to the general public.

Introduction to Team Selection

Selecting a team allows you to create a match day squad from your available players which can be published before or after the match.

When making the selection before the match, the admin can even send prompts for players to confirm selection to ensure all players are aware of their upcoming fixture.

These prompts can be sent via email, SMS or push notification so your players should never miss a game again!

Finally after the game, you can use your selection to record stats and publish formations so all your supporters can see how the team performed.

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