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Quick Answer

  • To add a new member to The Team, login to your Club Control Panel.
  • Click the Teams tab.
  • Select the name of your team then The Team from the left-hand menu.
  • Click the green Add Member button.

The Team is made up of all players, parents, coaches, team managers and staff associated with a specific team.

This could also include: Physio, Doctor, Kit Man, Press Officer. You name it, they can all be listed under The Team.


Making sure the member listed under The Team is up to date is really important: Here a 6 great reasons

  1. Availability - only players listed under The Team can update their availability.

  2. Selection - likewise, only a player listed under The Team can be selected.

  3. Payments - when collecting online payments, a player must be listed to the correct team before the correct payment can be taken.

  4. Communication - team mangers want to send email quickly, this means picking a team filter and sending one email. Plyers need to be in the correct team for this to work.

  5. Team Manager App - Selecting a team with in the team manager app relies on having the correct list ofk players.

  6. Pitchero App - content within the Pitchero app is filtered depending on a members role. Player not listed correctly, will miss important information.

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