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How to add a new Parent

To add a new Parent to a Team, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Teams’ tab, then select ‘The Team’ from the left-hand menu.

A list of players will appear on the page.

List of players

Before a new Parent can be added, the Player must be listed on the page. To add a new player - see above.

Next, locate the player associated to the Parent.

Click the Add Parent box, next to the Player name

Add Parent

You have two options:

  • Choose an existing member - search the membership database (recommended)
  • Create a new member

To search the database, enter the name of the Parent. Search for the member and click Save.

The parent will now be associated to the Player.

Associated Parent
If the Parent is not already listed in the database, click Create new member.

A pre-loaded overlay will appear, with the role (Parent) and Player name already selected. If you need to add further roles, do this now. The click Next.

Add new Parent

A new overlay will appear with a form a membership form to complete. Complete this form.

Add new Parent

Once the form is completed click Next. Review the final overlay and click Save.

Invite the new player to join the website

First make sure the Parent is listed under The Team. See above.

Within The Team section of the control panel, click the players name.

Select the grey 'Invite to Join Website' button top right.

Add a personal message, then preview the email.

Finally, when you are happy with the email, click Send Invite.

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