201 Club

Dunvant R.F.C. 201 Club is an opportunity to win up to £1000 every month and to raise funds for your club.
A maximum of 201 people contribute £10 per month with half the funds being returned to members in prizes. There are 10 prizes totalling £1,000* in month 1, 10 more in month 2, and a single prize of £1000* in month three, then repeated throught the year. Thus there are 84 prizes per annum won by any of the 201 members , with a total prize fund of £12,000* for the year.
Payment should be made to Paul Loughlin, Secretary by cheque for £120 for one year, or complete the standing order form found in ABOUT US/Club Documents to pay £10 every month.
* Or pro rata dependent on number of active members


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