Signing on for 2018/19 Season

By Mile Oak Wanderers Web Master

Signing on is now live for the new season ahead, we have a new signing on process, please view article for details

Mile Oak Wanderers FC has moved its Registration and Signing on process to an online service provided by Pay Subs Online (PSO), this replaces the paper method we have been using since the club began in 2007.

Why are we doing this?
A few reasons really, this will cut down on a significant amount of admin time that members of the committee and coaches have had to put every season when dealing with paper applications, it will also reduce the amount of cash and cheques changing hands by using an online payment method instead. Also, with the new GDPR process you need to be able to access and amend your information that the club hold and this is the best way to do this.

We did a poll on our Facebook page earlier this year and the response was that parents/guardians would prefer and online payment and registration, not a single person voted to stay with the paper method.

You can access the PSO Registrations page from any computer or smart phone with internet access.

When you go to the page you will be presented with a drop-down menu with three options, these are the following –

• Mile Oak Wanderers U11 – U17 Membership £75
• Mile Oak Wanderers U8 – U10 Membership £100
• Mile Oak Wanderers U7 Membership £50

You may note that there is a slight fee increase, our first in three years. This was mentioned in our AGM letter and then voted in at the subsequent AGM we held at the beginning of May, despite this increase as a club we are still one of, if not the cheapest club in the area.

**Please note that whilst the company is called Pay Subs Online, it is only for used for our yearly signing on fee’s and not the weekly match subs that the U11-U17 teams will still be required to pay, this remains unchanged at £3.00 per match for the older teams**

If you have more than one child to register, please register the oldest child first then at the bottom of their form that you have completed you can select the option ‘SUBMIT AND ADD ADDITIONAL PEOPLE’ this will allow you to add the brother or sister and so on.

Payment will not be requested/taken at this point of the registration process, there are two reasons for this, firstly to ensure that the club is signing on players that coaches are aware of and not an accidental registration by someone that has viewed our website and just decided to sign up and then make a payment. The other reason is so the Registrations Secretary can be able to amend the cost of any siblings who will benefit from the £15 discount per younger sibling that we are continuing as a club (if you're due a sibling discount but it hasn't been added please contact the details below).

After you have submitted the applications, the Registrations Secretary will be notified automatically by email that the application been done and will be able to check the registration form(s) you have submitted and make the checks as mentioned above. It is at this point that the Registrations Secretary will send a payment request to you by email for the players you have registered.

Please regularly check your spam or junk file for your emails in case the emails arrive there and not your main inbox

From the email you receive you will be given instructions on how you will prefer to pay, you can either pay in full with one single payment or you will be able to set up a Direct Debit payment which will be over 2,3 or 4 months at £25 per month depending on the amount the players signing on fee is.

This leave just one last thing and that is pictures, every season the leagues require updated and new pictures of players for the player’s registrations card that the coach must produce before each match.

The pictures required can be supplied to the club in two ways –

• Email a ‘head shot’ image of the player, facing forward with eyes open to our registrations secretary Danny Norris at making sure you clearly name who the player is
• Pass two passport pictures to your coach to pass on to Danny Norris our Registrations Secretary

Even if a player is registered to the club, the club still must register the player to their league and have their player registration card before they can play in any matches, so please send or pass the pictures on as soon as possible, thank you.
To access the signing on page there is a link on the front page of our Club Website – – however you can also click this link - CLICK HERE – to access the new Registrations page.

This is all very new to us at the club and there may be some teething issues, please bear with us whilst we get the new process up and running.

If you have any questions, please email

Updated 17:06 - 5 Nov 2019 by Mile Oak Wanderers Web Master

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