Win more games with GPS player trackers

Collect powerful performance data

Tailor your training session, match tactics and revolutionise player performance.
Improve performance
Record and analyse match and training data to ensure players are playing at their maximum capacity
Motivate players
Set performance goals with players, monitor their top speed and improvements in acceleration and field position.
Reduce injury
Recognise when a player is fatigued and reduce training intensity to prevent injuries.
What Our Members Say
The PitcheroGPS system is brilliant. It's one that us, as coaches, understand really well.
West Bromwich Albion Women's
James Tromans
You can look at thousands and thousands of pounds on the more expensive systems but we get the same data for a very much reduced cost!
Mansfield Town
Thomas Chapman
We've worked with different GPS systems and for me, it's the best in terms of the metrics we get out.
Mansfield Town
Thomas Chapman
why Pitchero GPS?
Success starts with GPS Player Trackers
Rapidly improve player performance by tracking performance metrics at training and matches.
Player development
Provide players with an accurate assessment of their match fitness. Take action to improve player cardio, strength and speed.
Targeted training
Analyse performance by field position, understand your weakness and respond quickly; create tailored training sessions for different positions.
Player benchmarking
Share data across the team and energise players to compete on performance metrics, top speed acceleration and intensity.
Field position
Are your players where they should be? View heat maps and construct winning strategies to overcome rivals.
Reduce injury
Know if your players are over or under training. Define the optimal training load for each player. A fit team is a winning team.
Facts not fiction
Stop guessing, use facts to assess your team and individual player performance.
Science without the bull
Amateur to professional
Track 6 core metrics to understand and analyse team and player performance. No science degree required, just accurate objective data at your fingertips which any coach or player can understand.
From local junior teams to youth teams.
Ideal for non-league football or open age rugby.
Already popular with professional academies.
Trusted by professional football, rugby and netball teams.
Perfect for school students across all team sports and age groups.
Colleges & Universities
Trusted by leading Colleges and University sports teams and within academic departments.
Core metrics without the bull
Powerful performance metrics
Track 6 core metrics to understand and analyse team and player performance. No Scientist required just powerful accurate data at your fingertips.
Volume Metrics
Record the volume of exercise completed.
Total Distance Traveled
Record the total distance covered during training or match and track this over time, game by game.
Total Active Time
Record the total time spent exercising during training or a match and track this over time, game by game.
Intensity Metrics
Record how hard the players worked.
Top Speed

Record maximum speeds during training or matches.

Compare top speeds across your team or international benchmarks from leading professional players.

High Speed Running

Create custom speed zones and track how long your players spend standing, walking, jogging or sprinting.

You will be amazed at how long players are stood still during training! This gives you the data to act and create shorter more focused session which mirror games and improve performance.

Record and track the number of high intensity accelerations.
Record and track the number of high intensity decelerations.
Record and track sudden changes in directions to help monitor player fatigue and reduce injury.
Field Position
Track the movement of players across the field.
Heat Maps
Clearly see where players spend their time during a training session or match. Dark red areas show a high period of time, light green or no shading shows no time spent in that area of the field.
Unrivalled value
Pitchero GPS Team Bundle

Readily improve your team performance by tracking core performance metrics at training and matches.

Ideal for football, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball and lacrosse teams.

Includes 20 PitcheroGPS player trackers, 20 player vests, charging case and tablet.

20x GPS Trackers
20x Player Vests
1x Charging Case
1x Coach Tablet
Made in the UK
Exceptional service and support
Designed for you
PitcheroGPS is designed for teams who want key performance data without the scientific jargon. We keep it simple but powerful, giving you the information that coaches and players need quickly.
Awesome support
We provide every customer with telephone support, online demos, regular webinars. Plus access to the Pitchero Clubhouse which is packed with videos and blogs from leading analysis and performance experts.
Exceptional value
Our business model is to produce a product which is accessible for all teams. We do not focus on the professional game or add additional, unnecessary costs.
Made in the UK
Our devices are designed and built in the UK. Our software is constantly being improved based on customer feedback and scientific trials.
Why Pitchero GPS?
Enjoy high performance at a great price
GPS performance trackers are used by thousands of teams to improve performance and reduce injuries. Watch interviews with teams using PitcheroGPS in a variety of ways to achieve success on the pitch.