The Basic Tenets of Great Content Writing

Dive into the vast online ocean that is the internet, and you'll soon be struck by how much content is competing for such limited space.

Whilst all this can be daunting, writers of content for your site have a major advantage. You're the voice of an established club; a club that has fans and represents the local community. Become the authoritative site for all the latest news from your club, engaging your current members and maybe attracting some new visitors as well.

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Stick to these simple tenets of content writing, and you'll soon be busting out engaging prose for all your club's latest happenings. We'll go into the specifics of particularly content items soon, but whenever you create content for your club website, keep the basics in mind:

The things you should always do:

  • Write in short and succinct sentences- Brief sentences roll off the eyes much easier than long and complicated ones.

  • Use one idea per sentence- Link together the events of your story, with each sentence bringing a new idea to the table.

  • Make sure paragraphs are no longer than 2-3 sentences in length- Again, readers of online content are much more inpatient than printed magazines and books, so break down the article into bitesize paragraphs.

  • Go big at the top- Whatever it is you're writing, a snappy headline, lead image and short, informative intro is often key to hooking visitors and ensuring they read on.

The things you should avoid:

  • Rambling- Its easier said than done, but your article only needs to be as long as it needs to be. Content length is not an exact science, so think about what you want to say, say it, and then move on.

  • Misreporting- Maintaining the integrity of your content is paramount to establishing a good following to your site. Make sure you've got all the facts in order before you start writing.

For more information about writing online copy Pitchero recommends: Content is King, Writing and Editing Online. by David Mill.

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