Transform your Club Website through a Design Request

Setting a great first impression to existing and prospective club members is key to getting the full value of your club website. To secure that lasting impression from even the most hard-to-please visitors, you need to immediately hit home with the visuals.

Aside from the following steps outlined in our initial guide, you can work with our in-house team who are dedicated to bringing your club website to life.

Included in the the Standard and Pro Packages is a custom built website design. You provide us with images, logos and ideas on what you want your club website to look like and then we do all the leg work for you.

The process to securing a clean and modern website design is simple, and after 12 months, your free to submit another request to tweak your design if you wish. All this is provided at no extra charge.

Step 1: Head to Homepage Design

It takes just a few minutes to submit your design request, and you start by heading to Homepage Design > Design Request in the Settings tab of your club control panel.

Click "Request a bespoke website" to begin.

Step 2: Choose your Style

You'll be presented with four design styles that give us a indication of the general visuals you're after:

Super Sharp

A neat and polished look that will launch your club into 21st Century website design.


Take a look at: Peel United S.C.

Pride & Glory

Project the passion and dedication your club members display every single day with a powerful photographic-based design.


Take a look at: Yatton Rugby Club

The Classic

Bring your club crest to the fore with a design that will stand the test of time.


Take a look at: Invicta Dynamos Junior Ice Hockey Club

The Old Boy

Bring a cool, retro feel to a club website based on your club colours.


Take a look at: Yarnbury RFC

Take some time to decide which is right for your club, and when you've made a choice - hit "Choose This Style".

Step 3: Give us your thoughts

Once you've chosen your style base, it's time to drill down into the specifics a little more.

Picture the perfect website design for your club and then get all those visions and thoughts down onto the submission form. Give us a clear indication of what you want by providing details on what text (such as club motto, founding year etc), club crests and sponsor logos you'd like to have included in the design.

You know the identity of your club best, so put on your best Da Vinci, supply us with your vision, and we'll do our best to bring it to life.

Once you've supplied us with the relevant images for the design (to ensure your design is as crisp and clean as possible, please try to ensure all images are the best resolution you can get), click "Submit" and our in-house design team will get on the case.

Step 4: Let us do the hard work

From here, we leave it to the professionals who have created countless modern, professional club website designs - and we hope you get the club website you've dreamed of. We aim to have your request fulfilled within five days, and you can come back with one round of amends before the design goes live.

Reap the benefits of a sublime Club Website design

Your new impressive, striking club website design isn't just for show either.

A professional club website design generates a number of vital benefits to your club, many of which you probably never even realised.

If you're still in need of inspiration, talk a walk down the Pitchero Showcase for a collection of the best designs in the Pitchero ecosystem.
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