Exporting Filtered Results

At times, you may need to export data for certain groups within your club.

This could be a particular group of players or parents, members that have or haven’t paid for a Payment Product or any other group of members based on the fields attached to your database.

To export a specific group of people, you will first need to filter your membership database.

To do this, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Membership’ tab, then select ‘Membership Database’ from the left-hand menu.


You can filter the members in your database by clicking the 'Filters' button towards the top-right of the page.


Here you use the quick filters to filter members by team or role, or create more advanced filters by clicking ‘Select filter type’ underneath the ‘Add a filter’ text.

For more help on using filters, CLICK HERE.

Once you have applied your filters, the database will update to display the filtered results.

Click the grey ‘Export’ button located towards the top of the page above the row of column titles.


On the ‘Export Members’ overlay that appears, choose the membership fields and Payment Products that you wish to include in the export.


Click the green ‘Export’ button when complete and a .CSV file will automatically download to your computer. This file contains your selected information and can be opened with Excel or similar software.

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