Creating a Group

To create a new group, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Membership’ tab, then select ‘Groups’ from the left-hand menu.


Click the green ‘Add Group’ button and give the group a name, this should be a clear indication of the members the group contains (e.g. Parents of U11s or Social Committee Members).


You can then select which members from your database you want to add to the group. Click the grey ‘Select Members’ button, then tick the boxes next to each member you want to add to the group.


The search and filter options allow you to search your database for specific members. For example, if you want to create a group containing 'Mini & Junior Parents', use the ‘Teams’ and ‘Roles’ filter options to limit the search as required.

Use the ‘Selected’ tab to review those members you have ticked and click the green ‘Done’ button to add the selected members to the group.


Finally, click the green ‘Save’ button.

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