Using Filters

The filter options allow you to search your database for members that meet certain criteria.

The filter criteria can be simple (e.g. 1st Team Players) or fairly advanced (e.g. registered players that have paid for a payment product).

These different searches can all be applied using the filters available in the Membership Database.

Two quick filters next to the search bar at the top of the page allow you to filter by team name or role. Simply click the ‘All teams’ or ‘All roles’ drop-down list, untick ‘[All]’, then tick the team(s) or role(s) you wish to filter by.


To add a more complex filter, click the grey ‘Filters’ button on the right-hand side of the page. Click the ‘Select filter type’ drop-down menu underneath ‘Add a filter’.

Select the filter you want to use from the drop-down list. This list contains the standard membership fields, custom fields, and any payment products you have set up.


After you have selected a field, the drop-down will change to show this field as a new filter. You can then specify what data you want to filter this field for. The following options appear in the drop-down:

  • Contains: Search your chosen field for a string of text or numbers (e.g. filtering an address field with ‘Contains: “Leeds” ’ would return all users with the word ‘Leeds’ in their address).
  • Equal to: Enter the exact word, phrase or number you want to search your chosen field for (e.g. filtering a dietary requirements field for the word 'vegetarian').
  • Empty: Search for members who have not provided data for your chosen field (e.g. filtering for members who haven’t provided a contact number).
  • Not Empty: Search for members who have provided data for your chosen field. (e.g. filtering for members that have provided you with an alternative phone number).

If the field only has a limited number of possible values (e.g. a Yes/No), these values will also appear in the drop-down list for you to select.


You can make your searches even more detailed by adding multiple filters. Each time you add a filter, a new ‘Add a filter’ drop-down list will appear.

When you have finished adding your filters, click the green ‘Filter’ button to see the results.

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