CASC & Gift Aid

How to become CASC registered

When your club understands the regulations of being a CASC and is thought to meet the required criteria, it’s time to apply:

  • First, read the Guidance Notes
  • Fill out the CASC Form (directly online or after downloading the PDF file)
  • For telephone support, call the Charities Helpline on Tel 0845 302 0203 (open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Choose option 4 for CASCs.

You can fill out the form online but you might need to update your PDF viewer to the latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows, Mac, or Linux:

How long does the application process take?

Application times can vary, but allow around 6-7 weeks for a decision from HMRC. If your club’s application needs further work then you will be notified and given 60 days to make the necessary changes.

If your Club is not successful then it is possible to appeal

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Where next?

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