Emailing Members

Emailing a payment request to your members is the most effective way to collect your online payments.

To begin, login to your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Payments’ tab.

Your Payment Products will be listed on this page. For information on how to create a new Payment Product, please click here.

Select the relevant Payment Product by clicking the title of that product in the list.

On your Payment Product page, click the blue ‘Members Not Paid’ tab.


Members who are assigned to the payment, but have NOT yet paid are listed here.

If no members are shown, either everybody has paid or you still need to assign members. To learn who to assign members, see above.

Select the members you wish to email using the tick boxes.


To select all, tick the top box to the left of the column headers. This will select all the members displayed on the current page (max 50). If there are more than 50 members, click the prompt that appears at the top of the page to select those members that are not displayed on the current page.


Once you have selected all the relevant members, click the grey ‘Send payment request by email’ button.


On the overlay that appears you will be asked to review the list of members. Note - You will not be able to email any users that are not registered or do not have an authorised email address.


Click the green ‘Next’ button.

You will then be able to add a message to the payment request email. A short sentence is included here by default, but you are free to change this.


Click the green ‘Next’ button to preview the email you are about to send.

If you are happy with the email, click the green ‘Send Emails’ button to complete the process.

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Assigning Members Before you can email a payment request to a member, you need to assign the payment to the member.