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    Creating a Payment Product

    To create a new payment product, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Payments’ tab.

    On the right-hand side of the page, click the green ‘Add Product’ button.


    On the following page, give the product a name and a description. This should be as clear as possible so that your members know exactly which product they are paying for.

    Example: 'Junior Annual Membership 11-18 Years'

    Select whether the product is a ‘Membership Fee’ product (e.g. an annual junior membership) or ‘Other Payments’ product (e.g. a donation or season ticket).

    Select the payment type, either:

    • ‘Single payment’ - one off, not repeated.
    • ‘Recurring payment’ - repeated; collected daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

    If you have chosen ‘Single payment’, enter the amount you wish to collect, then click ‘Save’.

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    If you have chosen ‘Recurring payment’, enter the amount of the individual payments and the frequency at which you wish to collect them.

    Examples of recurring payments are listed below - £15 to be collected every three month, or every quarter.

    Club News Lifestyle Mock Up

    If you wanted the £15 to be collected every month, change the 3 to 1.

    Likewise, if you wanted the £15 to be collected every six months, change the 3 to 6.

    Club News Lifestyle Mock Up

    If a one-off ‘Setup fee’ is required at the start of the recurring payment (e.g. a joining fee), enter the amount in the ‘Setup fee’ box.

    If the payment should start on a specific date, this can be set using the ‘Starting’ tool.

    Likewise, if a recurring payment should end on a specific date, or after a set number of payments, this can be set using the ‘Ending’ tool.

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    Click ‘Save’ when you are finished. You will then need to create a payment form.

    Payment forms

    The ‘Payment Form’ is used to collect information when the product is purchased.

    All of the information collected via the form is stored within the existing Membership database.

    If the member has completed some of the information before (e.g. home address, telephone number), that data will be filled in automatically in the payment form.

    The member can simply update the stored information if it is incorrect.

    Payment Forms - Group Products

    First create the Payment Product as described above.

    After setting up the Payment Product, you can specify whether it is a group product or a single product.

    • Group product - coves more than one club member (e.g. a family membership)
    • Single product - covers only one member (e.g. an adult membership or a season ticket)

    If you select a group product, enter the minimum and maximum number of people that the product will cover. These are the members that will be ‘tagged’ by this product.

    When paying for the product, the paying member will tag all other members that the payment covers by naming them in the "Who are you buying this product for" option.

    Admins will also be able to see all members tagged to a product in the reporting areas, to have full visibility of those that have paid as part of a group product.

    Payment Form - Membership Fields

    Next you can attach Membership fields to the Payment forms.

    You may select any existing membership field or you may add new membership fields. To do this use the Membership Fields tool located within the Membership section of the club control panel.

    Example membership fields:

    • Home address
    • Mobile number
    • Name of doctor
    • School

    The membership fields can be completed by all members covered by the product, or just the person buying the product.

    Club News Lifestyle Mock Up

    When choosing the 'All members tagged to this product' option, the paying member will be asked to complete all question on behalf of all the members they are tagging to the product.

    Selecting 'Only the member buying the product' means the paying member only completes the fields once, which will be stored against the paying members membership record.

    Payment Form - Additional Information

    You may also collect further information using one-off additional questions.

    Example: If the payment product was a club dinner, you may ask: ‘Are you a vegetarian?’

    Payment Form - Gift Aid

    Finally you may include an option to collect a Gift Aid declaration.

    To learn more about Gift Aid click here.

    The Gift Aid declaration may be used by registered charities or clubs with a registered CASC.

    If selected the Gift Aid declaration will be added to the bottom of the registration form and stored with the payment information, within the membership database.

    A list of members who have completed the declaration can be exported to excel and sent to HMRC.

    Finally click Save. Your Payment product has been successfully created and will be listed within the website under Payments.

    You are now ready to email your members to collect a payment. Click here to learn more.

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