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Club Moderation

Note - The moderation of a video or photo album can only be completed by a club webmaster with full access to the Site Content section of the Club Control Panel.

Login to your Club Control Panel and click the 'Site Content' tab.

If a video or photo album is awaiting moderation, a red notification circle will appear next to 'Videos'/'Photos' in the left-hand menu. The number within this red circle displays how many videos/photo albums are in need of moderation.


If you are a webmaster with access to Site Content, you will also be notified by email of any pending videos or photo albums requiring moderation.

Select ‘Videos’ or ‘Photos’ from the left-hand menu.

Videos and photo albums awaiting moderation will be highlighted in yellow.


Select the video or photo album and review the content. At the bottom of the page you can either accept or reject the photo album or video.

If you choose to reject the photo album or video, you can either choose to remove the album or report it to Pitchero.


Setting a video or photo album as public or private

All videos and photo albums can be set to public or private.

  • Public albums can be viewed by all visitors to the website.
  • Private albums can only be viewed by members of your club. We advise that all junior and mini team albums are marked as private.

When you choose to accept a video or photo album, you can choose whether it is set to 'Share Public' or 'Share Private'.

You can also choose which team the video or photo album is associated with by selecting an option from the drop-down list.


Finally, click ‘Approve Album/Video’ to approve the photo album or video. It will now be shown on the club website.

Pitchero Moderation

When a video has been uploaded it will be moderated by Pitchero before it is moderated by the club. This may take up to 24 hours.

After it has been moderated by Pitchero it must then be moderated by a club webmaster who will choose whether to show the video on the site or not (see above).

If your video is not showing on the website, please make sure that the video has been shared to the club and also that the video has been moderated by the webmaster.

Otherwise, please contact

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