Confirm Availability & Team Selection (For Players & Parents)

Availability Prompts

Six days before each fixture, if you are yet to confirm your availability (or the availability of your child) for an upcoming fixture, you will receive a reminder prompting you to do so.

If you have the Pitchero app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, you will receive a push notification; if not you will be sent an email reminder.

One hour later, if you received the mobile push notification but are yet to confirm availability for that fixture, you will also be sent an email reminder.

Note: You must have the Pitchero app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet in order to receive availability push notifications.
If you still haven't changed your availability status, you will be sent a second email and mobile prompt 24 hours later.

Note: For help on how to change your availability status, follow the "Availability" guide above; for guidance on how to change availability on the mobile app, head here.
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