Manage Availability & Team Selection (For Coaches & Team Admins)

Team Selection

Quick Answer

  • To add in a Team Selection, login to your Club Control Panel.
  • Click the Teams tab.
  • Select the name of your team then Fixtures & Results from the left-hand menu.
  • Click Match Centre to the right of your chosen fixture.
  • Click the Team Selection sub-section at the top

In this guide, you will learn how to create a new team selection, edit your team selection and request players confirm their selection.

Creating a new Team Selection

To add a new team selection, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Teams’ tab, then select the relevant team’s name followed by ‘Fixtures & Results’ from the left-hand menu.

Locate the relevant fixture and click the blue ‘Match Centre’ link on the right-hand side.


On the ‘Match Centre’ page, select the ‘Team Selection’ sub-section at the top of the page.

If a team selection is already saved in the system, this can be selected as a starting point, or a new selection can be created from scratch.

To create a new selection, click 'Create a new one'.


Team Formation

The first thing you will be asked to do is to pick a starting formation.


Once you have selected the formation click the green 'Select Team'.

The position of players can be changed by using drag and drop. You can also drag and drop players between the ‘Starters’ and the ‘Substitutes’ lists.

For more information on adding and customising formations, please CLICK HERE.

Selecting Players

In the overlay that appears, you can view all players along with their availability status.

On the left will be a 'Starting lineup' section which you can populate using the players on the right. Select the player you would like in relation to their position.

Note - if you need to pick a player from another team, use the filters on the right hand side to locate players from other teams.

When you are finished, click the green ‘Preview selection’ button.


Please Note

  • You will not be able to select a player if their status has been marked as unavailable.
  • To over rule the status, go to the player availability overview page in the Teams section of the Control Panel.

Top Tips

  • Save Time - where possible use a previously saved team selection.
  • Use Filters - when trying to pick select players from other teams.
  • Multiple selections - a player can be picked fro more then one team on the same day. If this is the case, a note will appear with the team selection.

Removing a Player

To remove a selected player, click the grey spanner icon to the right of the player, then click ‘Remove player’ from the drop-down options.


To replace the player you have removed, click the player on the right that you would like to replace them with.


Selecting a Captain / Wicketkeeper

To assign a captain or wicketkeeper, click the grey spanner icon to the right-hand side of the player, then click ‘Make Captain’ or ‘Make Wicketkeeper’ from the drop down options.


Requesting Players Confirm their Selection

Once you are happy with the team you have selected, you can send confirmation alerts to players and parents.

Select the green 'Preview Selection' button at the bottom to see your selection in the formation you have selected.


If you are happy with what you see, click the green 'Publish to Players' button at the bottom of the page.


Once there, you will be able to send notifications by pressing the grey 'Send selection notifications' button at the top.


Choose between Email, Push and SMS for each player, then click the green ‘Send Prompts’ button.

You can also select who the selection is visible to; the public, the players or the admins only as well as printing the team sheet.

    Notification Types

  • Email: the player will be notified via email.
  • Push Notification: the player will be notified via the app.
  • SMS: the player will be notified via text message.

Please Note

For players below the age of 14 all request notifications will be sent to the parent member attached to the player.

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