Team Information

Team Info

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Access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Teams’ tab, then select the relevant team name followed by ‘Settings’ on the menu.


Here, you can edit the team name, the team section that the team is associated with, fixture settings and privacy settings.

Live or Not Live


The 'Settings' page is also where Team Admins can switch the team between being set ‘live’ or ‘not live’.

By clicking on the 'The Team' tab you can edit the team photo and team description.


You can also add a welcome note or a team introduction.

Once completed, click the green ‘Save’ button on the right-hand side of the page.

The updated information will now be displayed on the team homepage within the 'Teams' section of the website.

Top Tip

  • Adding a team photo will help bring an identity to your team, and make your team more recognisable.
  • This team photo can be displayed in your team’s match reports and also be used on the homepage slider.
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