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Availability allows players, or the parents of players, to confirm if they are Available, Unavailable or Unsure for selection of any fixtures.

Only players or parents associated with a player who have had their Pitchero role confirmed by a club webmaster can manage their availability and team selection.

Player Availability

Anyone can let the club know their availability by selecting a fixture, tapping to scroll through the options of Available (tick on green background), Unavailable (cross on red background) or Maybe (question mark on orange background).

Availability Mock Up

Players can add a comment for each fixture (like reasons for not playing or a good luck message) and then 'Send Availability' which will go to team admins to pick their teams from.

Availability Mock Up

Member applying for parent role on Pitchero website (this is not done on the app)


Parents associated with a player (club junior) can see their own and their child’s selection and availability. First, a parent needs to be linked to that child’s record.

To be assigned as a parent within Pitchero, here are the steps:

  • Login to your Pitchero account on a desktop computer.
  • Choose the Membership tab (top-right option under your name).
  • Select your club and Apply for Role next to Parent.
  • Wait for email confirmation that you have been accepted by your club's webmaster

Once approved, any parent can manage availability (for themselves or their child) by selecting a fixture, tapping to scroll through the three options of:

  • Available (green)
  • Unavailable (red)
  • Unsure (orange)

Besides each fixture is a pencil icon, touch for a status message to pop up - allowing players to write a message about availability for any fixture.


At 7pm six days before each fixture, players (or their parent) who are yet to confirm their availability will be sent a push notification from the Pitchero app reminding them to do so.

Note: You must have the Pitchero app downloaded on your smartphone in order to receive availability push notifications.

The notification will pop-up on your smartphone screen. Swipe it to open the Pitchero app on the availability page. From there, you can follow the fixture availability process as above.

If no availability has been confirmed for that fixture one hour after the mobile prompt was sent, an email will also be sent to that player reminding them to confirm availability.

Click the "Set Availability" button on the email to be taken to the "Availability and Selection" page for that player- where you can set your player availability for that game.

Anyone who still hasn't confirmed their availability will be sent a second email and mobile prompt 24 hours later. If no availability has been confirmed 48 hours after the initial prompts, a third email and mobile prompt will be sent.

Note: The whole system is entirely automated- Team Admins do not have to send any of these availability prompts themselves.

Status Message

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