Club 135+

Club 135+

The Club has agreed that 33% of retained income will be paid immediately each month to Gary Street’s family to provide them support for at least the next six months, whilst the National Fundraising Campaign looks after the future.

For example – if we have 100 numbers purchased, that’s £175 to the winner! and, £107.25 to Gary’s family.

How Does It Work
- You can buy as many numbers as you want.
- This buys you your membership number(s) (that we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw.
- All participants must be over 18.
- The prize money will be 35% of the membership fee taken in the prior month. The remaining 65% goes to the Club and will be spent on training costs for our volunteers, developing tomorrow’s players and supporting AOE members following injury or illness.
- There will be two bonus months – July and December when the prize fund will be 50% of the prior month’s membership income. That’s £250 based on 100 numbers purchased. (in those months Gary’s sum would be £87.50 as the increased prize reduces the retained income.)
- The draw will take place on the 15th of each month.
- If you win, payment will be made to you via bank transfer and the name of the winner published in the clubhouse and on our social media channels.

Complete and sign the attached membership form and standing order mandate or set-up via your online banking for £5 a month for each number you want to buy.

You can click HERE to sign up digitally and follow the instructions for a standing order payment.

You download a PDF version of the rules, regulations, sign up form and standing order mandate at the bottom.


135+ Club - Print Version


135+ Club - Digital Version