Beccs Extension Progress Report (April 2022)

Beccs Extension Progress Report (April 2022)

By Daniel Kemp
13 April
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Beccs Clubhouse Extension "Progress Report" AND "What Can You Do to Help Build It?" updates - Please read both updates AND HELP REQUIRED!

Beccs Clubhouse Extension Project important updates April 2022, please read both AND HELP REQUIRED!

  1. "Progress Report", and
  2. "What Can You Do To Help Build It".

Progress Report (April 2022)

  • A lot of work has been going on since the last report on the extension project and we now have a better idea on the probable costs of the proposals which have been outlined in previous newsletters.
  • In August / September 2021 we (Build Committee) invited a number of companies to tender for the Design and Build of the Extension. From the responses, there was such a variance in proposed costs, that we had no option but to halt the tender process. In order to remove any ambiguity and assumptions within a contractor’s proposal we needed to produce detailed architect drawings before proceeding with a revised tender activity.
  • In January 2022, we engaged the services of Ergotechnics Architects who have progressed with detailed design and structural engineering activities. We are expecting these to be completed by the end of April 2022. We have agreed in principle proposed project definition drawings, and they have also provided us with artistic impressions and walk-though video (available on our website here) of the extension.
  • We have had lengthy discussions with LBB on defining a new club house Lease and in the past couple of months, agreed to incorporate the Pitch License into the Lease in order to secure both within a new 50 year agreement. The Heads of Terms have been defined for both and we, along with our Solicitors, are awaiting a final draft from LBB Solicitors.
  • The tender process for the build activities did however enable us to get a good indication of the probably costs which we expect to be ~£600K - £650K.
  • This now also enables us to apply to various Grant providers as they require independent quotes in order to support any of our bids for funding.
  • On the Fundraising front we have launched the ‘Buy-a-Brick’ scheme, there has also been a few very successful events staged including a Quiz Night and Golf day and more will come.
  • In January 2022, we were successful in a £20,000 Jack Petchey Grant application. Other grant applications are in progress to a number of other Grant providers.
  • Our current fund raising activities, which include some significant pledges from club members, along with some club reserves, means that as of the end of March we have secured ~£100,000 towards the extension.
  • This does not include the 6 figure Interest free loan that we have secured for the project. However, this will only be used if required and the amount to be drawn down will be dependent on the success of other fund raising activities.

We now need to really get going on raising funds for the project and we need your help and support in whatever capacity you can to enable the project to progress. Please contact us if you can assist.

Nigel Putner
BRFC Treasurer & Project Manager for the Extension project / 07950 935062

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