Child Protection

Belper RUFC
Child Protection Policy

At Belper Rugby Union Football Club we believe that taking part in our sport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s and young people’s lives. We want to make sure that they are protected and kept safe from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional harm whilst they are with the club’s coaches, helpers and other volunteers.
To do this we have the following aims;

•Coaches, Helpers and Committee members will be recruited/ appointed in accordance with the procedures agreed by the youth section of the club.
•Coaches, Helpers and Committee members will have a job description agreed by the youth section of the club.
•There will be female coaches as well as male.
•Coaches will go on a RFU coaching course, if at all possible before they begin working with children, or as soon as possible.
•The club will encourage and help coaches to stay up to date with rugby coaching and child protection issues.
•Coaches and Helpers will be given a copy of the Club’s code of conduct for Coaches and child protection policy and be expected to keep them at all times.
•Lead coaches will keep written records of attendance, injuries and accidents.
•The club will provide guidance on emergency procedures to coaches, helpers and committee members.
•The club will provide coaches, helpers and parents with a copy of the club’s child protection policy and coaches and helpers with procedures and principles for dealing with accusations and suspicions of child abuse.
•As a club we will promote ‘fair play’ and always play within the spirit of the laws of the game and the letter of the continuum.
•The club will identify a person whose role it is to deal with any concerns about physical, sexual or emotional abuse within the club.