Cricket's "New Normal"

Cricket's "New Normal"

By Chris Pether
14 July 2020
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All you need to know ahead of this weekend's games

Cricket is back this weekend at Bentley! However, there are some subtle differences you should be aware of if you're playing games this season;

Most importantly, if you think you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19, do not come to the ground. You should remain at home and follow UK Government guidance.

Other things to remember are:

  • Come ready to play, changing rooms and showers will not be in use
  • Bring hand sanitiser if you have some
  • Remember to remain socially distanced at all times (including wicket celebrations!)
  • Bring your own food, there will be no teas!

During the game there are also a few changes to remember:

  • No sweat or saliva on the ball at any time
  • Umpires are not to handle the ball at any time. Leave it at the base of the stumps during breaks.
  • There will be a "hygiene break" every 6 overs or 20 mins (whichever is shortest). All players should sanitise their hands and the ball should be cleaned.
  • Bowlers should not hand anything to the umpires
  • The ball must be immediately returned to the bowler, not passed between players
  • Batters should run in running lanes, 2m from the pitch (these will be marked with white lines)

What to do if you're on ground?

Ground duty will be slightly different for this season as the main clubhouse and changing rooms aren't going to be open. There are still a few of the normal jobs to do, plus a couple of new ones;

  • The boundary rope should be out, but if it's not, put it out
  • Push both sightscreens into the correct position, and rope off the boundary around the screen at the road end
  • Put the stumps out, and water the stump holes if the ground is dry
  • Collect any litter from around the ground, and shovel up any presents that the foxes may have left scattered about
  • Get the manual scoreboard out and set it up in front of the clubhouse
  • Use the cleaning products (located in the first box on the right in the home changing room) to disinfect all touch points (changing room/toilet door handles, light switches, sink, toilets)
  • Put up signs to designate "Home" and "Away" areas at either end of the pavilion
  • Put out bottles of hand sanitiser on the benches in front of the clubhouse for people to use during the day

After the game;

  • If the cover has gone out, make sure it gets put away
  • Disinfect manual scoreboard and return to where it was stored
  • Disinfect stumps and put back in the home changing room
  • Take down "Home" and "Away" signs and leave in home changing room
  • Put hand sanitiser bottles back in the home changing room

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