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2. Membership Information


We are very keen to recruit new members to the Club. The categories of membership are:

Ordinary Member: £100 (£75 for 65+)
(Adult) Playing Member: £130 (payable in up to 10 consecutive & equal monthly instalments)
Age Grade Parent: See the Age Grade Welcome page
Honorary Life Member: Elected at general meetings

Ordinary membership benefits include:
• a feeling of enormous satisfaction at making a contribution to a fantastic organisation.
• a 75% discount on room hire at the Club's Portway facility.
• the right to apply (or, if demand exceeds supply, enter ballots) for England international tickets.
• the right to attend general meetings & vote & question the Main Committee at them.
• for the 2023/24 season, £20 worth (for new members) or £25 worth (for renewing members) of bar vouchers, each voucher being worth £5 & to be spent in successive designated months.

No entrance fee is charged at the gate.

All categories of membership are entitled to discount on room hire at the Club's Portway facility:
Ordinary & Honorary Life Members: 75%;
All other categories of membership: 50%

Membership application forms (links below) may be:

  • completed 'on screen', saved and emailed to the Club's Membership Secretary, Jeremy Smith at:
  • printed, completed by hand (if not already completed 'on screen'), & either scanned & emailed to or delivered to Jeremy at Portway.


Senior (Adult) Player Application Form


Membership Application Form (excluding age grade parents & senior (adult) players)


Age grade parent membership application form