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2. VP Subscriptions

VP Subscriptions 2019/20 season

Like most clubs, our membership and subs are now handled via our Pitchero website. This reduces administration and saves time, paperwork and postage for everyone.

The VP membership package offers access to VP lunches, entitlement to apply for international tickets, access to all home games, the Club bar and hire of the Clubhouse. The subscription remains the same as previous years at £75, plus a small charge to cover the financial transaction costs (Total £78 by DD).

Most of you have already opened a Direct Debit in this way and therefore you need do nothing further because your VP Sub is collected automatically from you each season.

If you are not already paying via Direct Debit we would appreciate you doing so by clicking here .

The VP Subscription is due no later than 30th September.

Hand in hand with paying your sub you will need to become a member of our website - please opt to set your profile to ‘accept’ emails from the club. This will enable you to receive the Friday news bulletins by email and to be notified of events.

Help with this and with paying your sub is shown in the document below.


Membership and payment help