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Sat 22
Edin Hockey Mens 2s
Watsonians Men's 5s
T Hailstones (6' Pen), J RUSCA NE (9'), P McFarlane (17'), T Varsamidis (25'), (51'), (63')
First Legue Game

First Legue Game

By Tasos Varsamidis
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Colts start their league season at home.As was te last game of the day after the to winnings of the ladies 4s and ladies 1s was looking to secure the unbeatten home side. The team had a good start and show to the opponets that they will have a hard work.In first five minutes Colts won the first PC of the game and Tony open the score with a strong nice flick on the top right of GK side.Colts stay high and press the opposition defending line so after their mistake our new add in the team Jordi score te second on his own debut after an 1vs1 with GK and second time in open goal.The team keep the same press and tempo and after 8 minutes the Spanish striker give a nice assist to Paddy to put his name on the scorers board .Colts stay high and won some more PC but didnt make the goal except the last one of the first half that after the first shoot Tasos take the rebound and score with a hit of the top of D. In only poor and weak moment of the team Watsonians players find the space and after a nice counter attack from the ride side score their only goal from the penalty spot.
Second half find the team playing more possesion hockey and try to rotate the ball,that had the result after Tasos steal the ball to the left side and give to Jordi that he played nice the 1-2 with Benji to put our team in 3vs2 situation with Jordi pas te balla left to Mark and he played nice with the reverse to the backpost and Tasos that was following the movement in attack score the deflection with a nice dive.Our team keep have the most possesion of the game and miss a few PC with one of them Tasos score again after his rebound from Tony's flick. The rest of the game was more of the control of the ball and working in our defesive line.Like that the team secure the 3 points and a good start
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Sat 22, Sep 2018



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