Privacy policy
Corsham Cricket Club will keep the personal information that members supply when joining the Club on the Club membership database. This information will be used to contact members and in order for the Club to operate effectively as a club. The Club database will be maintained by the Membership Secretary.
The Club will presume that all members are willing for the Club to keep their information on our secure database unless the Club hears from them to the contrary. Members may ask to see this personal data or ask for it to be changed or removed at any time, by contacting the Membership Secretary.
Your personal details will not be made available to anyone else unless requested by you.
The personal information of Club Officers, Committee members, Trustees, Coaches, and Match Managers is made available to the membership and third parties via the Club websites and via the Club fixture booklet.
Any subscribed member who is not willing for his or her personal information to be shared in the manner described above is at liberty to ‘opt out’ with a request in writing to the Membership Secretary that their personal information is not published in these media.
The details of members who have resigned or failed to renew their membership will be moved to an archive database within six months of the membership renewal deadline and will be held there for a period of seven years.