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1. FAQs about the 2020/21 Season

(Correct as at 18/09/2020)

Does the tightening of COVID regulations (09 September 2020) stop us playing hockey?

  • No – organised sport can still go ahead.

When does training start?
  • It’s already started!
  • Full details on the website under ‘Useful Information / Club Training’ (or click here).
  • Back2Hockey intending to start on 28 September – use Pitchero to apply to be a player in ‘Back2Hockey’ to make sure you receive updates. See the guide to "Updating Info" using Pitchero here.

When do matches start?
  • Some matches for the 1st teams have started.
  • Most league matches are now due to start on 03 October.
  • Beavers and Badgers matches are also due to start on 03 October.
  • The situation is changing fast and league fixtures on FixturesLive (maintained by the league, not the Club) aren’t necessarily up to date. But once fixtures start to appear on your calendar in the Pitchero app, you can be pretty certain that they are accurate and up to date.

What do players need to do to get back on the pitch?
Whether for training or playing in a match you must have:
  • Registered your details on the club’s membership database (Pitchero). To read how to do this, click here.
  • Completed England Hockey’s online Participation Agreement to confirm that you are COVID-free. To read how to do this, click here.
  • Note that parents complete the EH Participation Agreement on behalf of their children.
  • Make sure you’ve got the Pitchero app and that you check your calendar to see when you’re being asked to give your availability and to see team selections. There are instructions on the website to guide you through using PItchero if you’re unsure: click here.

Is it safe to play?

  • Contact is inevitable in hockey, but every player at every Club in the England is meant to self-certify their COVID-free status by completing the Participation Agreement.
  • Training sessions for large groups (e.g. Beavers) will be configured to comply with EH guidelines and manage the risk of COVID spread.
  • For the foreseeable future, assume that changing rooms, showers and bars will be out of action, to help manage the risk of COVID spread. Venues should be providing toilet facilities though.
  • And every club must have a COVID Officer to oversee compliance with the latest guidelines. Ours is Lucy Woodside.

What will be different?
  • Availability and selection for all teams will have to be done through Pitchero to allow the club to comply with its 'track & trace' obligations. If you don't engage with Pitchero, you risk not being selected to play. With the heavy burden of compliance falling on the club officers, we just don't have time to chase up those who won't use the system - sorry.
  • You’ll need to arrive for your match ready-changed, as it’s likely there won’t be changing rooms available.
  • Follow signage at the venue. At Tiverton, that means enter the pitch by the clubhouse but exit by the dugout (and there’s a one-way system to access the toilets also).
  • Remember to bring any food or water you might need during / after the match.
  • And take into account that you won’t be able to shower after your match, so maybe bring clothes suitable to change into if you just need to get out of sweaty / wet kit.
  • Match fees: your skipper might accept cash but alternatively you may have to pay electronically via your Pitchero app. We’ll distribute details shortly. Another reason to make sure you’re all up to date on Pitchero…