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Bill Farley2 Jul 2023 - 18:53
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A welcome message from our newly elected Chairman Dave Thomas .....

Being elected by the Club members to fulfil the position of Chairman of Doncaster Phoenix RUFC is an honour indeed. Having served on the Executive Committee for some years will certainly help, but the responsibility that comes with the role is still quite daunting. My job is simple; to help deliver any aspect of Club business in the best interests of all Club members.

I take over from Dave Townend who has done a superb job over the last few years through some challenging times. The fact he remains involved as a Vice-Chair was a huge influence in my decision to accept his nomination for the position, his experience will be invaluable.

I believe the Club’s continued success and future growth is dependent on having a great set of people leading the different sections of the Club. I am looking forward to working with an Executive Committee that has a wealth of experience and welcome the new personalities with new ideas joining the team.

Detailed below are the key objectives and targets that form the basis of how I believe Doncaster Phoenix can flourish at Castle Park in both the Men’s and Women’s game.

• Phoenix’s primary role is to facilitate community rugby to as many people as possible from Doncaster and the surrounding area. Everyone is welcome, there are no barriers.

• It is vital to have a structured player pathway where everyone can progress from junior to adult rugby at Castle Park. Kendo has put together a strategy that is ambitious, essential and is happening.

• To play in the highest league(s) possible without compromising the points above.

• To be a valued partner with all community game stakeholders at Castle Park.

• For Phoenix to be respected as an essential asset to the long-term aspirations of Castle Park.

• Association and participation within Doncaster Phoenix should be a positive experience. Every player, social member, coach, parent, spectator, Exec member, volunteer etc…etc…MUST HAVE FUN!!

Focussing our efforts to deliver these objectives will secure the future of community rugby at Doncaster Phoenix and Castle Park. Be assured, the Executive Committee and Coaching Team shall endeavour to make this happen.

A few Phoenix members had the opportunity recently to meet with Emma White, the new Managing Director at Castle Park. It is clear Emma has a plan to help the whole Club realise its full potential, and Phoenix are very much part of that plan.

There has never been a better opportunity for Phoenix to develop and thrive on the very solid foundations it sits. The facilities at Castle Park are superb, the player pathway is being actioned, the coaching available to both men and women is exceptional and the Committee are dedicated. It is for the Players and members to take full advantage of everything on offer.

If anyone wishes to discuss a specific issue or just wants a chat, please ping me an email with your contact details and I’ll be in touch.

Dave Thomas

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