In Memoriam 1 of 3

1. War Memorial

The inscription on our war memorial reads:

This stand was erected
to the memory of
those playing members
------ of the --------
Durham City Rugby
Football Club
who gave their lives for
their King and Country
in the two World Wars
1914-1918 and 1939-1945
and this plaque is set
to declare their glory in a
place which they all loved.

1914 - 1918
C.Y. Adamson
R.W. Adamson
M.S. Bone
William Boyd
J Brass

L.M. Cadle
E.M. Holland
T.W. Callinan
N.F. Humphreys
H.J. Dingle
W. Jackson
R. Elliott
William Marshall
W. Fenwick
A.F. Maynard

C. Morris
George Newby
J. Smith
T.D. Tombs

R. Beattie
H.G. Boyd
F. Davison
J.F. Gedge
R.E. Greybourn
R. Longstaff
A.R. McKellar
G. McLean
O. Pigg
W.R. Southon
Ian S. Turnbull
H.E. Walton
W.H. Willis

The unveiling programme has "J.D. Tombs" instead of "T.D. Tombs" on the memorial.


War Memorial Grandstand official opening programme