Your contributions, whether they be financial or otherwise, are vital in supporting the running of our Club. Regular giving helps finance the day-to-day running costs of our teams and maintenance of the Clubhouse.

Contribution Plans

TypeContribution Plan (2017/18 season)
Senior Player£20 per month by Direct Debit*.
Full-time Student or Recent Graduate£10 per month by Direct Debit*.
Social / Non-Playing MemberSuggested minimum contribution of £10 per month by Standing Order or Direct Debit*

*Payments set up by the 27th of the current month will be debited on the 1st of the following month.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The membership season runs from 1st July to 30th June each year. When signing up for a Direct Debit for the first time, the full amount will be pro-rata from the date of signup until the 30th June.
  2. Membership is automatically renewed each season unless you inform the Club otherwise of your intention to leave (see below).
  3. Voting Members of the Club must be aged 18+. Senior Players, Full-time Students and Social Members are therefore granted voting rights.
  4. The Club's Voting Membership Operates under similar rules to an Industrial Provident Society, i.e. one member one vote.
  5. All Members will respect the rules of the Club at all times, and may face disciplinary action or have their membership cancelled if they fail to uphold these.
  6. Any player not contributing financially to the Club may not be considered for selection for competitive fixtures.
  7. All contributions received may be considered for Gift Aid, on the condition that you have paid the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the relevant tax year. The Club will take setting up your Direct Debit as tacit consent for Gift Aid being claimed.

Membership Benefits

All adult Club members are entitled to:

  • Complimentary hire of the Clubhouse (subject to availability)
  • Apply for England International Tickets through the Rugby Football Union's Community Programme (subject to availability)
  • Receive regular Club communications
  • Free car parking at Club-hosted events (e.g. tournaments and festivals)
  • Discounted rates on goods and services from Club partners
  • Consideration for awards at the End-of-Season Dinner and in other local and national award programmes

Leaving the Club and Cancellations

If you intend to leave the Club, and therefore cancel your Direct Debit, please email with the date from which your membership should expire and a brief explanation of why you wish to leave.