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How to join Finchley RFC

How to join Finchley RFC

George Loureda11 Oct 2022 - 13:11
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You need to register in 2 systems

Joining the club has never been easier!

You need to register in 2 systems.
1. RFU Game Management System (GMS).
• Where the RFU track participation and provide official Registration numbers
2. Finchley RFC’s own website on Pitchero.
• Where Finchley RFC manages its teams and collects membership fee’s

1. RFU’s GMS.

Click here
Select; “Create account”

The parent or guardian must register their details first. You will be asked to verify your email ID.
Next, it will ask you to create a password.

When this is done it will display your record and you will see the option to “+ Add Person” in the ‘Family and Friends section’. Select that, add your child’s details, and hit ‘Save’.

Back in your record you will see in a green box a section called ‘What Next’ in there you’ll see the
option to “Affiliate as player ’ - please select that, and you should be done.
GMS is keyed from the Email ID you enter - if it says you’re already in the system then please
select the ‘Forgot Password’ option to regain entry. You may have been registered at another club, or your email may be associated with one of your older children’s registrations.

There is extensive help. complete with screenshots here

There are also helpful guides to more general trouble shooting in the ‘Getting Started’ and
‘Manage my Profile’ sections here

2. Finchley RFC Club Website

Click here

Select; “JOIN” at the top right of the page.
In the same way as GMS you need to add your details first and then your children’s.
Once registered you can pay subs for the year via the cart symbol on Pitchero, or directly here

If you have any questions about the club or the team, you or your child will be playing with there is a full list of club contacts here

It is important to retain details of your logins to both systems. You will thankfully NOT need to register again from scratch next year, but you will need to sign in;
• to GMS and re-affiliate your children (or yourself if you are playing), and,
• to Pitchero to pay subs next season.

If you have any problems getting started in either system please email me, Ciaran, at

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