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Ryan Roof11 Mar 2012 - 20:46
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Information for New/Interested players.

What Is Rugby?

Rugby is a fun and physical sport played around the world. It is similar to American Football (in fact, football originated from rugby) but played in a faster and continuous manner. There are no time-outs, no huddles and the clock never stops. Unlike American Football, every player gets to pass, kick and run with the ball, every player gets to tackle opponents and every player gets to score.
Can I Play Rugby?

Rugby can be played by anyone! Fast or slow, big or small, all that we require is a desire to play hard. No previous experience is necessary, most of our players had never even seen a game before they joined the club.

I Gotta Try This!

If you are interested in playing the exciting game of rugby, give us try. There is no need for any prior experience in rugby, we will help you learn the game. Rugby is a great way to stay in shape. For further information contact Recruitment Director, Jake Peters at

How Does This Work?

We'd compile our own guide to the game, but it's been done (well) before. So we've provided some links to a few other team's explanations of the game's basics and some other useful sources:
ROOKIE PRIMER #1 (Courtesy of Radcliffe Rugby)
ROOKIE Primer #2 (Courtesy of the Seattle Quake)
A History of the Game
The Laws of the Game

Huntsville Rugby Club is a member of the True South Rugby Union
The True South Rugby Union is a part of
USA Rugby

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