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1. Overview of membership subscription

These pages describe how to pay a subscription for membership of MWFC.

Membership comes in the following categories:

- Adult £96
- Student/U21 £48
- Mini/youth (Under 18) £40 **

- Adult £96
- Senior citizen £48
- Country (within 40 miles of MWFC) £48
- Associate £48 **

** All of the above categories have the right to vote at our AGM, except for those marked with **.
NB 17 and 18 year old players are eligible to vote.

Membership is also available for spouses, parents and carers, via a “family” add-on, for £25. This is particularly useful for Mini/youth members and their families. This provides the right to vote at our AGM.

The advantages of membership are:

  1. Access to MWFC Clubhouse
  2. Free hire of MWFC Clubhouse
  3. Access to all MWFC events
  4. Rugby under the watchful eye of qualified coaches.
  5. The right to purchase some of the club's allocation for International Ticket
  6. Special member's rate at the bar.
  7. Membership card
  8. Access to Pitchero

In addition, players not only get to play rugby, create friends and memories that last a life time, you also get the following benefits:
* Playing insurance
* Coaching from Qualified coaches

And adult players also get:
* Physiotherapy treatment
* Strength and Development plans
* Group/facilitated gym session
* Rehab training plans

NB Membership of MWFC and membership of this website are two separate facets of being part of MWFC. The former means that you have paid a subscription and get membership benefits. The latter enables you to get regular updates from our website.

The second page (see tab to access) describes payment options, i.e. direct debit or cash/cheque, plus also how to enter your personal details..