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1. Who are we?

After coaching in a very successful Northants Netball Club for 11 years and taking on the leadership role for Northants Performance Pathway in 2015, we decided that we wanted to focus on our passion & expertise which is "Performance Netball" and Northants Storm was born.

We wanted like minded kids to have the opportunity to play together in one team in various regional/national competitions, and to still have the ability to remain with their local club. We want to develop not only athletes but give coaches a platform to flourish and be supported.

Over the last few years we have enjoyed watching some of our juniors achieve their dreams and adorn the England "Red Dress" and or play for a Superleague team. Some are still on the journey representing our region with aspirations to be world class and we want to do what we can to help and support them & put Northants on the map as a performance training hub.

It's not been an easy journey but the past three years have been a great success for the club and we have a supportive team around us which are our netball family.

Our focus is the athletes and this ethos will always remain ...

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