Petersfield RFC Membership payment system.
Each season officially start at the beginning of August each year and runs for 12 months. Standard membership is £110.
The payment system is via the RFU GMS website:

You will need a logon and password to access this. Your team manager should have all the emails used to register players and parents, and with this email you can reset your password. This is the same system as was used last year.

If you do not have the right email, then please send an email to and I will go onto GMS to get them to send your password to the email you have used. Note: This may go into your junk folder. I will send a confirmation email from my account when I have sent you the GMS password.

If you login to GMS ( using this GMS ID you should see the option to pay membership. Once you have logged in you should see a screen like this:

All the players have to be registered, but the parent actually pays the membership. The child profile on GMS should be linked to the adult’s, so you can buy membership for your children. You can also (if you wish) buy membership for your partner. Once, the adult membership has been paid, the child’s membership and the partner’s membership is free. When you get to the GMS website, If you select “buy membership” you will see the following:

Payment is via a card, and is very straightforward. If you have any problems – send an email to

Many thanks for your support.

Rob Mocatta

PRFC Secretary