We have some very good facilities available at Horsham fields, and they will continue to improve over the next few years. We have several adequate changing rooms for both home and away teams; we have three different shower areas, one specifically for the referee, one for the women's teams, and one for the men and junior teams. There is a meeting room, kitchen area, and a lounge room where you can buy snacks and drinks. We also have an outdoors seating area. The club has a very large training pitch where most of the pre game warm ups are done. On the training pitches, we have two crates full of playing and training equipment, as well as two mobile flood lights. The three playing fields are situated at the bottom end of Horsham fields.

In addition, we have a club membership at the Fort Stamford gym in Mount Batten where you can take advantage of some top notch fitness facilities and leisure activities. Our main clubhouse is located in Mutely plain and is called "Tavy Lodge". This is where most of our social events take place.

There are further plans to develop the facilities at Horsham, which will be done over a period of time.