Club Membership + Ticket Prices

Club Membership + Ticket Prices

Membership Options for 2023-24

With a Redruth Rugby Football Club Membership you are entitled to:

• Free Ground Entry (£12 for non-members)
• Free Grandstand Entry (£3 for non-members)
• Free parking (£2 for non-members)

A £17 saving per game! For regular Redruth supporters it makes membership a real bargain.

Also the Cornish Pirates are offering £5 discount on ticket prices to Redruth RFC members in the 2023/2024 season.

In addition, members are entitled to apply for International Tickets and have voting rights at the Redruth RFC AGM.

There are several ways to take out membership. The easiest way is to set up a direct debit mandate which gives you the option to pay monthly or annually.

Information for setting up Dir3ect Debits

Please note that monthly payments are based on twelve equal instalments and are to run from the start of the Club’s financial year which is the 1st of July. Therefore if July 1st has already passed by the time you set up the mandate then the first payment (1st August) will be double the normal monthly amount, i.e. for VP members a first payment of £46.80 followed by 10 payments of £23.40.

When setting this up if you click the “until further notice” button it will save you and the Club from needing to do anything next year as your membership will renew automatically! Please send a SAE to Alan and he will post out your membership card.

For those without internet access please call the Alan on 01209 313990 to arrange.

Also available is Perpetual Membership:
75 or over - £1450
65 to 74 - £2000
55 to 64 - £2900
45 to 54 - £4500
35 to 44 - £6000
25 to 34 - £7500
24 or under - £8000

Other payment methods:
If you are unable to set up a direct debit you can also pay in the club by the following:
• Cash
• Debit/Credit Card
• Cheque (membership will not be authorised until the cheque has cleared)

The Membership application form setting out the various rates is attached below.
If you've a few pennies spare why not take out a Vice President or Hellfire membership as the extra money, over and above your age related standard membership, is considered a donation to the club and therefore VAT free.

Your membership secretary for 2023/24 season is Alan Nettle.
Contact details are:
52 Wheal Agar
TR15 3QL
07592 292605


2023/2024 Membership Form