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Becoming a Member of Salts Juniors Football Club

We are a non profit making, volunteer run junior football club.
We run teams in our local junior football leagues from U7s to U18s.
We do not offer holiday clubs, after school clubs or academies.

Please find below a range of questions and answers about joining the club.
Hopefully this should answer any queries. If not please email

1. Is Salts Juniors a Chartered Standard Club and what does this mean ?

The club currently is an FA Charter Standard Development Club.

FA Development Clubs are required to meet FA criteria, ensuring they provide opportunities for players irrespective of age, gender, religion and ability.

Clubs must also provide qualified coaches, first aiders and child protection officers.

2. How big is Salts Juniors ?

Salts Juniors Football Club and Salts FC have over 500 members from Under 5’s to open age.

3. Who runs the club ?

The club is run entirely by volunteers.

4. How old does a player need to be to join ?

Age groups follow school years and children can start at U5 when they are in Reception at school.

For all other age groups please refer to the guide at the bottom.

5. Is there a waiting list ?

We welcome new members as long as we have enough available coaches to accommodate them.

In extreme circumstances a waiting list may be needed at certain age groups.

6. Who do I contact about joining ?

The first step (initial enquiries) is to email

Someone will then contact you. The club will then contact the age group and ask for availability. If there is spaces at the correct age group you will be contacted by the age group manager. If not you will be asked if you want to join a waiting list.

7. Are all the age groups the same size ?

No -the size of each age group depends on the number of volunteers.

8. Do all the age groups work in the same way ?


The Under 5 and Under 6 section are the only age groups in the junior section that run differently to the other (U7-U18). There are no games at these age groups. This section is run on a drop in basis and each session costs £3.00.

Our Under 5’s / 6’s section is where players get to learn the basic skills of the game.

9. How do the other juniors age groups work ?

The club is a Development Club and the commitment is to train AND to take part in games.

Juniors – Under 7s to Under 17s

We suggest that your child attends a couple of sessions to see if they like football and the set up.

10. What are the costs?

The costs to be a member of the club is £13 a month which is payable by Standing Order.

This is payable over 12 months of the year and covers registration, training costs, match fees and a trophy at the end of season presentation event. This is the club preferred method of payment.

11. Are there any other cost involved?

The other cost is the purchase of a club kit. Due to years of missing and damaged kit the players now purchase their own kit.

12. How much does this cost?

Currently £35 : the players receive a full kit of shirt, shorts and socks. The shirt is numbered. Jackets can be purchased from our Club Shop. These can be worn for training and before matches which has the club badge on and the players initials. This cost of the playing kit is subsidised with an age group shirt sponsor.

13. Do I have to have our surname on the shirt?

Yes, no first names or nicknames are allowed. This is a directive from the FA. Some leagues do not allow any name on a shirt.

Age Groups and School Year equivalents:

Reception – Under 5’s
Year 1 – Under 6’s
Year 2 – Under 7’s
Year 3 – Under 8’s
Year 4 – Under 9’s
Year 5 – Under 10’s
Year 6 – Under 11’s
Year 7 – Under 12’s
Year 8 – Under 13’s
Year 9 – Under 14’s
Year 10 – Under 15’s
Year 11 – Under 16’s

1st year 6th form – Under 17’s
2nd year 6th form – Under 18’s