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3. History 3

By 1911 there were three clubs in the town plus school teams. After World War One’s interruption amalgamation created St. Neots and District HC. World War Two caused a further cessation although the ladies continued with keep-fit classes and cycled to local RAF bases to play their teams. This was not just because they loved hockey. They were after the ham salad teams, so scarce during rationing. They even arranged away fixtures with the local national spy-training centre.

The mixed hockey re-started in 1953 with the men following in 1968. Within a few weeks amalgamation again re-created a unified club. In 1970 the club joined up with the town’s rugby and cricket clubs to form the town’s Sports Association. The colts hockey was started in 1986 and the town’s excellent artificial pitch opened in 1995.

A club with a surprising, but important, pedigree St. Neots HC history portrays the roller coaster record of most ordinary clubs. The research into those early years has unearthed the possible origins of our modern game.