How to join our club?

How to join our club?

[Want to know what is Cricket? Motivated watching Cricket?
Why don’t you join our local cricket club to exercise your skills and learn them?

Whether a player or supporter you can experience a whole host of great benefits by being a member of our fantastic new cricket club and a part of the exciting future ahead. You can learn and develop

  • Training Sessions: access to cricket nets almost every day
  • Good cricket ground availability during weekends, so more games
  • Excellent facilities: Bowling machine, coaching equipments, etc
  • Skilled coaching, training sessions,
  • Access to other sports facilities e.g. Swimming, Badminton, Tennis,
  • Volleyball etc (for more info visit :

Membership fees for the 2021 season are as follows:
• Non-playing member (can include spouse/partner) € 108
• Playing member (can include spouse/partner) € 108
• Girls and Boys U18 € 80

Installment payments per quarter is an option for students and refugees.

Membership form is available below, simply download, fill in and return to
We are excited about this new journey with good quality cricket.

For more information about our membership packages and benefits please contact our Secretary.


Cricket Application Form