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1. Parent Registration Instructions

Trafford Basketball Club manage all registrations and club member services through the club website and Pitchero platform.

The website contains all the information you/your child needs as Trafford Basketball Club members, including club news, teams info, training, fixture times and much more.

From the start of the 2022/23 season we will be moving to a membership subscription model, with all payments collected monthly (via direct debit) through the website. As a volunteer-led club, this change is necessary in the context where club membership has grown significantly in recent years.

Signing up and Pitchero account:

The first step in introducing our new processes is to ensure that all existing parents and players are set up in our new (Pitchero) club management system. Moving forward, an active account will be a condition of membership. Please note that the account must be created by a parent or guardian where players are under the age of 18.

Parents of existing members should sign-up and register their account in the following way. The process is also set out in this registration video.

Parental registration is a two stage process:

Step 1:

  • Click the 'JOIN' button in the top right hand corner of this site.
  • Consent to our terms and conditions and select 'Join this club'.
  • Please apply for the parents role by selecting the 'parent' option and clicking 'next step'.
  • Select 'add a child' and input the name of your child in the search box
  • If your child's name doesn't appear, select “click here” to add a new member.
  • If your child plays for a team, please assign them to the appropriate team. If not, please assign them to the appropriate recreational (rec) session. If your child already has a membership record, then please select them and your accounts will link. Your parent registration will be submitted (pending approval).

Step 2:

  • Once your parent application is approved (usually within 24 hours) you will be prompted to update the registration information for your child/children, and for your personal account.
  • After 24 hours, or on receipt of an email (check your junk folder), please log back into your Pitchero account and complete all outstanding registration fields and declarations.

If you experience any difficulties with the registration process, please contact your lead coach or email us.