Woodies' Social Media

The Woodcutters have been using Twitter and Facebook for a couple of years now. These social media pages not only help the club keep all members and followers up to date with club news, but they also give members a platform so they can interact directly with the club and other players.

Our Facebook Page has been around for while and started out as a place for posting social events in the close season. Now it gets used throughout the year with news items, photos, chat, and links to other cricketing stories posted by the club and it's fans.

Club Secretary Graeme Campbell started using Twitter in 2010 as a quick, free way to send messages to all club players, usually at about 3pm on match days with the message "the match is off... it's raining again!!!".

Twitter has now become an invaluable day to day communication tool for the club, and find ourselves communicating to followers from around the globe. Twitter was actually how the Club first made contact with Ibiza Cricket Club, our hosts for the Club Tour in 2012.

There have been many photos taken over the years, and last season a consolidation exercise took place in an attempt to put all known Woodcutters photos in one place. Flickr was chosen to host these pictures, so you can now see all the photos past and present, including a few the dodgey hairstyles, on our Flickr page.

New for 2012 is our very own channel on YouTube. YouTube is a video hosting service where people can post and share videos online. Budding director Andy Williamson came up with the idea of creating "Player Profiles" videos which could be posted to the website as well as the YouTube Channel.

Watch this space as there may be some interesting videos coming soon!!