Yapham Cricket Club Constitution


The ‘Club’ shall mean Yapham Cricket Club
The ‘Committee’ shall mean “The General Committee” as herein defined
‘ECB’ shall mean the “England and Wales Cricket Board”
‘YCB shall mean the “Yorkshire Cricket Board”
‘AGM’ shall mean the “Annual General Meeting”
‘EGM’ shall mean an “Extraordinary General Meeting”

Clause 1 - Name and Affiliations

a. The organisation shall be known as Yapham Cricket Club.
b. The Committee shall be empowered to augment the name with a sponsor’s trade name should that be a requirement of the sponsorship.
c. The Club shall consist of two sections namely Senior Cricket and Junior Cricket. Each section shall accept for membership, members as agreed by the Committee to the limit of its capacity.
d. The Club shall be affiliated to the YCB together with any other such associations as may be deemed necessary by the Committee.
e. The objective of the club is to play and promote the sport of cricket and to take an active part developing the game within the local community.

Clause 2 - Membership

a. Each applicant for membership should complete the Club membership application form and pay the appropriate membership fee.
b. Any member of the community regardless of gender, race, creed, colour or disability is entitled to apply for membership of the Club.
c. Any person, being a member in any season, shall be considered a member for the succeeding season, unless notice to the contrary is given to the Membership Secretary or for juniors the Junior Section Manager on or before the 1st May.
d. Members of the Junior Cricket section will transfer automatically to become full cricket members on reaching the age of 18.

Clause 3 - Officers

The Officers, who shall hold honorary positions, shall be:-

President Treasurer Leagues Secretary Membership Secretary
Chairman Assistant Treasurer Fixture Secretary Clerk to the Committee

The duties of the Officers shall be as follows:-

• The President shall advise and counsel the members with regard to the effective running and successful development of the Club

 The Chairman shall preside over all General meetings of the Club

 The Treasurer shall receive all monies payable to the Club and pay them into accounts held in the name of the Club. He or she shall pay all accounts deemed to be payable upon instruction to do so by the Committee and shall keep an account of all receipts and payments. He or she shall report regularly to the Committee upon the financial situation and shall prepare a report on the annual accounts which shall be presented at the AGM

Assistant Treasurer
• The Assistant Treasurer will act as co-signatory to the Treasurer for all payments made on behalf of the Club, and will be authorised to deputise for the Treasurer in the management of the Club’s accounts and financial affairs in the absence or incapacity of the Treasurer

Leagues Secretary
 The Leagues Secretary shall act as the liaison contact between the Club and the Leagues in which the Club has decided to participate, and ensure that all playing members of the club are registered with the appropriate Leagues

Fixture Secretary
 The Fixture Secretary shall be responsible for arranging senior team fixtures in conjunction with fixtures arranged by the Leagues in which the Club is participating

Membership Secretary
• The Membership Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date register of all members and their details

Clerk to the Committee
• The Clerk to the Committee shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and shall conduct all general correspondence with Members and outside bodies. He or she shall convene meetings as directed by the Committee and shall keep a record of the attendance thereto

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Chairman and Treasurer for the time being of the Club as trustees except for cash which must be under the control of the Treasurer. The Chairman and Treasurer shall deal with the property of the Club as directed by a resolution of the members of the Club and an entry in the minutes is conclusive evidence of a resolution. The Chairman and Treasurer may be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property.

Clause 4 - Committees

General Committee

a. The regular business of the Club shall be conducted by the General Committee which shall consist of the Officers, together with the Captains of the Senior teams, Junior Section Manager, Club Welfare Officer and Groundsman.
b. A Captain of a Senior team may ask the team Vice-Captain to attend a General Committee meeting in their place if they are unable to attend that meeting.
c. In the absence of the Chairman the officers and members there present shall elect a chairman for that meeting from those present. The Clerk to the Committee shall act as secretary to the General Committee.
d. The General Committee shall have the sole management of the grounds and Club property, and full control over the Club’s funds, and shall have power to determine any question which may arise on the construction of this Constitution, or anything relative to the Club not provided by such rules.
e. Each member of the General Committee will be allowed a single vote. Voting shall be by show of hand and by simple majority. Should there be no clear majority on any motion, that motion shall be deemed not to be carried and the status quo shall prevail.
f. The General Committee shall at any time fill any vacancy that may occur amongst Officers of the Club, or on the General Committee.
g. The General Committee shall have the powers to set up sub-committees and co-opt members as appropriate in order to meet any situation that may arise.
h. Detailed minutes of the General Committee’s business shall be kept and will be available for inspection to any full member on request. The Chairman shall report to the AGM on the business of the General Committee.

Clause 5 - Meetings

Annual General Meeting

a. An AGM shall be held after the conclusion of each playing season - not later than the 15th December.
b. The AGM shall be open to all members; a quorum shall be ten members in good standing.
c. The agenda for the AGM shall include the following:
• Chairman’s report
• Secretary’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Election of Officers
• Election of Committee Members
• Proposals
• Annual Subscriptions and Match Fees
• Any Other relevant Business.
d. Qualifying nominations for any Officer’s position, Committee members, or any propositions must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 14 days prior to the date of the AGM. Seconders for nominations and propositions can be invited from the floor on the night of the AGM or EGM. No propositions shall be accepted from the floor of the meeting although amendments to propositions, which will expedite their resolution, shall be taken provided that the proposers and seconders agree that such amendments are acceptable.
e. Decision on resolutions and nominations shall require a simple majority of the senior members present voting in favour thereof.
f. The Committee may propose, at the AGM, the name(s) of persons who have tendered meritorious service to the Club for appointment as Life Members or Vice Presidents.

Extraordinary General Meeting

g. An EGM of the Club can be called by the Clerk to the Committee, who must advise all members with at least seven days’ notice stating the business to be transacted. An EGM may be called by the Committee or on the request in writing of ten or more members, who must state the object of the meeting. No other business shall be conducted at the EGM.
h. The rules of procedure shall be as stated for the AGM.

Clause 6 - Subscriptions

a. The annual subscriptions for the following financial year shall be decided at the AGM.
b. All subscriptions shall be due on or before the 31st May of the new season.
c. A member whose subscription remains unpaid on the 30th September shall automatically cease to be a member of the Club. Any person who ceases to be a member shall only be readmitted on payment of all outstanding subscriptions.

Clause 7 – Team selection

a. The Committee shall agree and notify members of the procedure for selecting players for Senior team matches. Team selection will involve the Captains of the Senior teams with input from the Junior Section Manager when appropriate, or in their absence a named deputy.
b. Players are expected to advise of their availability as per the team selection procedure. Any selected player who is unable to play must notify the appropriate Captain at the earliest opportunity.

Clause 8 - Code of Conduct and Club Policies

All members are required to comply with the Club Code of Conduct and all other Club Policies.

Clause 9 - Discipline

For all matches and other cricket activities played under the auspices of the Club, all disciplinary matters will be dealt with in accordance with the Club Disciplinary Policy which reflects the ECB Code of Conduct and Spirit of Cricket.

Clause 10 - Club Funds

All funds raised from subscriptions, sponsorship, donations and social activities will be re-invested within the Club.

Clause 11 - Dissolution of the Club

In the event of dissolution of the Club, its net assets are to be applied to any charitable organisation or club deemed acceptable by the Committee and the members of Yapham Cricket Club although these funds will not be distributed for five years following the dissolution of the Club.

Clause 12 - Alteration to the Constitution

The Constitution of the Club shall not be altered save by the due decision of a General Meeting of the Club and then only provided that such alterations have been duly proposed and voted on in accordance with the procedures in Clause 5.

Clause 13 – Club Safeguarding Policy

The Club aims to provide opportunities for all its players to play cricket and develop their abilities in a fun and safe environment. The Club adopts the ECB ‘Safe Hands’ Safeguarding policy and shall appoint a Club Welfare Officer to help the Club implement this.


Yapham CC Constitution