Disciplinary Policy 1 of 3

1. Disciplinary Policy 1

1. Basic Procedure and Guidelines.
a. Yapham Cricket Club Disciplinary Rules shall operate alongside and in adition to Disciplinary Rules operated by the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Yorkshire Cricket Association and the York & District Senior Cricket League and will reflect the E.C.B's "Code of Conduct" and "Spirit of Cricket" statements.
b. For the purpose of these rules a "member" is deemed to mean and include all players, whether professional or otherwise, employees, officials and spectators and shall operate both on and off the field.
c. Members remain under the jurisdiction of these Rules when appearing on an opponent's ground or when appearing in a league representative side.
d. These rules shall apply in all matches played by the club, whether competitive or "friendly" and all organised practice and training sessions.

2. Maintenance of Discipline.
a. The Club Committee is the authoritative body in respect of discipline within the club and shall take whatever measures are required to maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour.
b. A Disciplinary Panel comprising of President and/or Chairman, Secretary and three appointed members shall be appointed and will deal with any complaint or incident.
c. Any official of Yapham Cricket Club may, of his/her volition and without any need for the receipt of written complaint or other prompting, convene an internal club enquiry where it is considered a breach of discipline or unsatisfactory conduct has occurred involving a member of the club.