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Core features

All packages include the following features as standard.

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Membership management

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Online payments

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Member communication tool

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Website performance data

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Club mobile app

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Team Manager app


Choose Basic


  • Limited to 3 teams

    Have up to 3 teams visible on your website at any time.

  • Level of 3rd party ads: Max

    Occasionally we will run full page adverts on your website.




Free 30 day trial

£6 per month

£66 per year

  • More than 3 teams

    Create and manage as many teams as wish, and display them all on your site.

  • No full page advertising

    Remove any overlay advertising and adverts that pop up in the middle of your screen.

  • Level of 3rd party ads: High

    You will no longer see full page adverts.

£6 per month

£66 per year



Free 30 day trial

£18 per month

£198 per year

  • Choice of design template

    Choose between a number of alternative layouts for your club homepage.

  • Professionally designed artwork

    Have one of our in house designers improve your website.

  • Use a custom domain name

    Attach your own domain name to your website.

  • Google analytics tracking

    Use Google Analytics to see where your traffic comes from and which pages are popular.

  • No Side Advertising

    Remove advertising that appears at the sides of your website. These are called advertising skins.

  • Level of 3rd party ads: Medium

    You will no longer see gutter adverts.

£18 per month

£198 per year



Free 30 day trial

£36 per month

£396 per year

  • Communication stats

    Stats on outbound communications emails. See who opened your messages and resend to those that didn't!

  • Priority technical support

    Receive an enhanced response level to your Pitchero support queries.

  • YouTube video integration

    Embed YouTube videos within your club website.

  • Paypal club shop

    Sell merchandise online through this PayPal powered shop.

  • No Partner Promotions

    No promotions from any of Pitchero’s commercial partners will be shown on your website.

  • No Video Advertising

    Remove all video advertising from your website. This includes sound-on video players.

  • Level of 3rd party ads: Low

    You will no longer see any video adverts.

£36 per month

£396 per year



Who can use Pitchero?

When you have created your Pitchero website, all members of the club may join the website and create a profile page.

From their profile page members can message club mates, upload videos and photos, post forum comments, update team information and record team stats.

All members of a club should join, including: players, parents, coaches, club officials and supporters.

The primary webmaster controls which of these members has editing/uploading rights.

How does my free trial work?

To activate your free trial you will need to enter your card details on the following screen, HOWEVER you won’t be charged until 30 days from the day you activated your subscription.

In that time you will have the opportunity to try all the great features of your chosen package, see how easy it is to use, and the benefits it can have for your club.

We will email you 3 days before your trial expires to remind you that your first payment is due, giving you a reminder of your options.

You can cancel your trial package at any time. Do this by contacting our support team or downgrading your package to "basic" in the Packages section of your control panel.

Within this trial period you can change the registered payment card, for example: if you wish to transfer the registered card from your personal card to a club payment card.

Which Package should my club buy?

A club can purchase any package they wish.

We would normally recommend the Standard Package as this allows for more than three teams plus professional design support from our team of in-house designers.

If your club has more than 3 teams you will need to purchase one of our upgraded packages for them all to show on your site.

Can I change my package?

You can change which package you are on at any time.

Do this by simply accessing the Packages section in your Club Control Panel and click Get Started on the new package you would like to move to.

Our system will recognise the billing method and schedule of payment(s) that you selected and provide this as the primary option.

How do I pay for my package?

You can pay for your package monthly or annually using your credit/debit card or using your club’s bank details.

What if Pitchero isn’t working for my club?

If, for any reason, Pitchero isn’t working for you, then you have a number of options.

You could either:

  • look at using one of our other packages with different features that may be more suited to your club’s needs.
  • speak to one of our support team, who would be able to resolve any concerns you may have, as well as deal with any feature requests that you suggest.
  • or you can cancel your package at any time. Do this by contacting our support team or downgrading your package to "basic" in the Packages section of your control panel.

I have another question I want to ask...

Our live-chat window is in operation between 9am and 5pm (GMT) where our friendly advisors will be able to answer further questions you have.

Otherwise you can contact Pitchero by email or phone:

Send your email to:

Call between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday: 0113 292 6070