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2. Philosophy

The prime aim of Leek Town Juniors is to provide football for as many children as possible within the Staffordshire Moorlands Community.

We will provide them with the opportunity to train under qualified coaches and to play football in a team environment.

The club will provide coaches who are all licensed and committed to improving their knowledge of the game.

Our intention is to develop the players’ technical ability and decision making, enabling the children to gain the confidence to express themselves and feel comfortable on the field of play.

We do this by providing a positive coaching environment, using established coaching guidelines such as command, question and answers, feedback and observation, guided, trial and error.

By adopting this philosophy we aim to create a clear pathway from mini soccer, into the juniors (ages 10 - 18) and through into the first team or higher.

Playing Style


Starting with the goalkeeper we encourage play from the back and for teams to progress forward during the games by playing through the thirds of the pitch when appropriate. The teams/players should try to make the pitch as big as possible and create space.

Can we play forward? If so play that pass. If not, we keep possession of the ball by passing to another player on our team, either sideways or backwards.

This possession style will be coached across all levels so that Leek Town Junior players will develop to become confident, creative and expressive.

Out of Possession.

Press the opposition high up the pitch with the intention of winning back possession as quickly as possible. If this is not possible, try to delay the oppositions attacking options, retreat and regain our shape. Then look for the opportunity to press again to regain possession.


As soon as possession has been regained, the players will be coached to consider their attacking options - can we counter attack quickly? If not, can they build controlled attacks by keeping possession, making the pitch as big as possible, creating space and playing through thirds of the pitch.


Our primary focus is on player development, not results.

Starting with mini soccer (ages 6 to 10), the players will develop skills to prepare them for junior football (ages 11 to 18).

Junior football bring the players into a more competitive environment where they will put their coaching into good use and they will develop adopting the playing style outlined above.

Those children who adopt our coaching philosophies and develop their skills to the required level will hopefully progress to promotion to the senior teams.